7 tips to optimise Digital presence for generating high volume of leads- Leadzpipe

7 tips to optimize Digital presence for generating high volume of leads

We know there are tons of blogs you might have read on how to online generate more leads, quality leads, this and that. But we’re so sure you haven’t read anything like this. 
Go ahead and read it yourself!

1. Online presence- Definitely, but considered Online reviews?
Online Reviews to optimize Digital presence for generating more leads- Leadzpipe

We know already you must have established your online presence well with a booming website, constant Ads/posts on social media, lead generation is good too; but how about some more leads? A prospect can not only be a customer but an advocate too. It’s a no-brainier but online reviews do matter. Research strongly indicates that 88 percent of consumer pre-research their buys online before making a purchase either online or in-store (source).

Consumers  try and find honest reviews on online that helps them reach a conclusion and they usually disregard a product or Brand if they don’t find sufficient online reviews. So to generate more leads & sales, make sure you ask your customers to post an online review about your product/service.

2. To attract more leads, Your SEO better be good
SEO to optimize Digital presence for generating more leads- Leadzpipe

The internet is filled with businesses trying to rank high Google or any other search engine and get more leads. Search Engines try to optimize more & more everyday to display answers best suited to the searchers’ queries. Hence, we instruct you to spend time providing consumers & search Engines with excellent & optimum online content to attract more leads rather than merely trying to hack a few algorithms and ranking well with a poor content. 

Research says that 30% of internet users use Ad Blockers & the number is on the rise. With consumers being bombarded with online Ads, this was sure to happen. And hence, to get more leads, we recommend you to have your website and online presence with the best content optimized to attract your target audience online. You can make use of some keywords and few good back links that will help your SEO and extract more leads.

You can make use of online Lead Management Tools like Leadzpipe that will help you track your online leads and let you know which of your online Ad campaigns or keywords are working better than the rest and getting you more leads.

You can also use Guest blogging as a technique to attract more leads to your website. It is one of the best SEO techniques.

3. You have to use Live Chat for lead generation
Live Chat to optimize Digital presence for generating more leads- Leadzpipe

Do you know the patience level of Millennials? It’s 0. They need quick answers. Even though you might have invested a hell lot of time in designing online FAQs to answer all of the consumers’ queries and blogs to attract more leads, it may sometimes be boring or take too long for them to find the correct answer. Studies says 42% of customers prefer live chat for their customer support questions, while 73% of those who take part in a chat are happy with the results.

How does Live chat help in getting more leads? Well, if leads don’t find answers to their queries online on your website, they will smoothly walk away to your competitors and we’re sure you wouldn’t want that. And apart from that, many live chat tools even store email addresses of the user, so that you generate more & more leads.

4. Connect with relevant online groups
Business Groups to optimize Digital presence for generating more leads- Leadzpipe

Have you joined relevant Facebook groups or LinkedIn groups yet? If you haven’t, it’s time you do. These online Business groups connect individuals sharing a common interest that ultimately helps Businesses in increasing their awareness and generating more leads. When you become a part of such online groups that share common interests and target audience, you have tremendous learning opportunities that you can implement and get more leads. But before you become a part of such an online professional group, make sure your profile is in good shape.

5. We know this one requires effort but well, it’s worth it- Video Blogging
Video Blogging to optimize Digital presence for generating more leads- Leadzpipe

Again- consumers have different mindsets. You may have written tonnes of online blogs to attract more leads but have you ever thought if they even wanted to read? Some users online don’t have the time to read, they better watch it.

And this is how it’s worth it- Online Video ads on Facebook are known to provide the highest value at the lowest cost. This is so because they have the highest online engagement rates that attract more leads.
And hence we recommend you to use video posts on your website and social media or YouTube to lure more leads. You miss out on a lot of online leads who are your target audience but have different habits. Video blogging also helps you reach new and different set of audience online. You can even try using different language versions of your online content to reach a global audience and generate more leads.

It’s a tough competition out there, exploit every platform you can!

6. To get more leads, extract least work from them.
7 tips to optimize Digital presence for generating more leads- Leadzpipe

How about eliminating landing pages totally? You may think to get more leads, you should provide more information. That your users would want to know more, but sometimes they’re in a hurry. It’s sometimes best to have ads with a CTA button attached so that online users need not go on a landing page, read and then fill out a form asking for all their details. May be they’re busy or maybe they’re just not in the mood to fill a form, who knows! Provide with a CTA button so that with a single click their work gets done and they aren’t bothered much and can go ahead with their work.

This simple non time consuming trick is bound to get you more leads!
A few options for a direct CTA are:

Sign Me Up
Start the Free Download
Get Coupon
Send Me a Quote

7. Use the heavenly word “FREE” in your online promotional ads
7 tips to optimize Digital presence for generating more leads- Leadzpipe

If there is any other word that attracts more leads than this word, please let us know too. “Free” will get you leads, “free offering” will get you more leads.  And hence, you need to be true to the word too or else your online conversion rates will drop and all the efforts down the drain.

That was all!
We hope you enjoyed reading and find at least a few of these 7 tips useful. Please let us know in the comments below how these tips helped you or if you any suggestions, we’ll be happy to add it!

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