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4 Digital Lead Generation tips for the Automobile Industry

Car buyers spend 59% of their time in online search for automobiles before they actually purchase one (source). This makes it imperative for your product to have an online presence and it becomes an important branch of your Lead Generation methods. Having digital presence ensures that your automobile is considered during the buyer’s research.

They also stated that Automobile shoppers’ online research includes looking for car prices (71%), finding actual cars listed for sale (68%), comparing different models (64%), finding out what current car is worth (63%), and locating a dealer or getting dealer info (46%) (source). Thus, for Lead Generation, apart from having your own website, it is necessary to focus on other aspects as well.

Let us help you understand how can you make the most of your Marketing budget by advertising your Automobiles online ultimately helping you with Lead Generation.

1. Google Display Ads for Lead Generation

Google Display Ads- A must for Digital Lead Generation for the Automobile Industry, Leadzpipe

Google Display Ads are the visual banner ads you see on advertising-supported sites everywhere. Display ads that are typically image-based and are shown on web pages within the Google Display Network. According to Google, the Display Network reaches over 90% of global internet users expanding across 2 million sites! This helps you immensely with your Lead Generation and it is one of the top strategies you can use to promote your Automobiles online. Your Automobile Ads will be displayed when potential buyers browse online, watch YouTube videos, check their G-mails, or even while using mobile devices and apps, increasing your reach thereby yielding you with quality leads.

2. Facebook Traffic for online Automobile Leads

Facebook Traffic Ads- A must for Digital Lead Generation for the Automobile Industry, Leadzpipe

Facebook Traffic’s objective is designed to drive people to your website increasing the number of your online website visits becoming one of your Lead Generation strategy. 77% of internet users say posts on social media makes them consider buying a new automobile and 44% of automobile consumers say they learn about new car launches on social media. Hence, advertising on Facebook will increase your website visits ultimately creating a Brand Awareness of your Automobiles. Higher the brand Awareness, higher are the Leads  Generated and thus higher are the sales.

3. Google Search Ads- A must for Lead Generation

There are 5.6 million searches happening on google everyday (source). Needless to say, advertising on this platform is crucial for Lead Generation. Google Search Ads allow you to create online ads and reach audiences that are inclined towards the products you offer and run on PPC advertising. Google Ads blended with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an amazing method to drive high traffic to your website, thus higher Lead Generation, resulting in a higher number of Automobiles sales. You also have the option to target specific location where to display your ads. If your Automobile Store is located in Mumbai, you wouldn’t want to waste yourLead Generation strategy and money by showing your ads to people in Delhi. People want to buy cars from the locations closer to them. You can set the location radius to display your Automobile Ads for Lead Generation. 

Digital Lead Generation for the Automobile Industry, Leadzpipe

4. Facebook Lead Ads for Lead Generation

 Facebook Lead Ads- A must for Digital Lead Generation for the Automobile Industry, Leadzpipe

Facebook Lead ads are the best way to run lead generation campaigns on Facebook. Lead ads are an important part for Lead Generation as they enable you to reach potential clients and provide additional information to those who are interested. For example, Facebook has provided an option where you can use video lead ads to reach people or you can add a dealer locator to direct people to dealerships near them, within the lead form. 

Facebook Ads also allows you to use your Automobile catalog to increase the relevance of your Lead Generation ads. The ads then encourage the potential ones to fill out a lead form to get more information. And instead of directing people back to your company’s website, the Lead Generated can then be sent directly to a CRM for local sales representatives to follow up on. You can also ask the potential clients to sign up for a test drive directly on the form. This helps you improve your lead generation quality by bringing buyers who are interested in your offerings.

Apart from Lead Generation, it is necessary to nurture your leads and keep them engaged. Hence, you should also focus on the below target points.

1. Online Presence
According to a Google-Kantar Report, 90% Individuals Research Online before buying an Automobile. Hence, apart from running Lead Generation campaigns online, it is mandatory for you to have an online presence at this initial stage in the buyers’ purchase journey. And a strong online presence strategy or SEO will ensure that leads generated by your website are most valuable to you. A good SEO strategy would include you having a user friendly website with quality content. It is also important to have customer testimonials as 91% of people trust online consumer reviews and go through them before their purchase.
63% of Automobile shoppers examined websites via mobile making it necessary to have a mobile friendly website (source- If not, buyers will turn to your competitors having a mobile optimized websites. 

2. Keywords are crucial for Lead Generation

To make sure that your Lead Generation strategy attracts the ones that are most likely to buy your automobile, you need to make sure you use the appropriate keywords that are most likely to be used. Keywords are crucial to SEO for Automobile dealers. Your Automobile website content is optimized to match the keywords with the intent of users. Google or Facebook’s search algorithms understand the keyword context and variations and display relevant content thereby providing you with precise leads generated.

3. Personalized Emails by Automobile Dealers

Personalized Emails- A must for Digital Lead Generation for the Automobile Industry, Leadzpipe

If performed wisely, personalized emails are an effective online Lead Generation strategy for Automobile dealerships. 80% of buyers want emails tailored based on their interests. Additionally, 28% said they would click on an email from a dealership if it mentioned the style, color or model they’re interested in. (source- Epsilon) And conversely,  if the leads are sent an impersonal email, 23% are less likely to visit the website whereas 32% feel irritated or resentful towards that dealership. But thanks to new Lead Generation Tools, you have various options to target the emails to.  It can range from tailoring an email with an exact make and model of their current vehicle, black-book value of car they currently drive, people most likely “in the market” for a new car, and other demographic selections such as income, ethnicity, hobbies, children, to name a few.

4. Your past clients help you in further Lead Generation

Your past clients can help you get new clients for your Automobiles! By studying the demographics of your past clients- their age, behavior, number of family members, income etc, you can target your new leads too. Lookalike Audience on Facebook helps you with Lead Generation as it targets custom audience that includes leads/ clients on your existing email list, your past website visitors, and also Facebook users who engage with your content on Facebook.

5. Online Videos-because Users prefer watching than reading

Video Marketing- A must for Digital Lead Generation for the Automobile Industry, Leadzpipe

Online video marketing is becoming the next big thing. Posting videos with information and displaying inventory can boost your engagement and interest among buyers thereby helping you with Lead Generation. By marketing videos online, your dealership might become the go-to place for genuine automobile shoppers. According to Google, 64% of people who used YouTube while buying a car were influenced by it- more than TV, newspapers, or magazines. It is also important for your videos to be short with a duration between 30 seconds and 1 minute with attractive and engaging content (source). 
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