6 Facebook Lead Generation mistakes you should avoid in 2020, Leadzpipe
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6 Facebook Lead Generation mistakes you should avoid in 2021

Facebook is one of the most vigorous advertising platforms for Marketers, be it any Businesses. No matter what your products are or what audiences you’re targeting, marketing on Facebook will help your Business grow, but of course nothing in life comes easy. Some factors like experience, expertise and awareness impact your Lead Generation performance on Facebook, making it imperative for you to constantly do the sweaty work of analyzing and making changes to stay with the current trends.

6 Facebook Lead Generation mistakes you have to avoid in 2020

When Digital Marketers are creating and optimizing a Facebook Lead Ads campaign, many become victims of silly  mistakes that seriously impact the turnover of the campaign, in turn decreasing the Ads ROI.

In this post, we discuss the 6 common Facebook Lead Generation mistakes you cannot carry forward in 2020.

1. Not making the most of available Technologies for tracking the Leads generated from Facebook 

Analysis required to avoid Facebook Lead Generation mistakes

Setting up your Facebook lead generation Ad is one thing, but managing the data you collected from it, is another. Manually managing 10 leads generated is fine but not 100; let the Leads Tool do that. Manually entering data of these many leads into another tracking platform is a mistake because it just increases your manual work and chances of error, and boredom too.

6 Facebook Lead Generation mistakes you have to avoid in 2020- Leadzpipe

Capturing your Lead Generation data from Facebook, downloading it, uploading it to your CRM system and then analyzing it consumes time that could otherwise be utilized in enhancing your consumer experience. In simple words, “Low-value tasks keep you busy refraining you from doing real work that matters.”

To rectify your mistake, use Lead Management Tools like Hubspot, Leadzpipe, Zoho CRM. For example, if you choose Leadzpipe for your Facebook Lead Generation, once a new lead is generated, it automatically gets added to a list with all its details you asked for, in your account and a personalized Welcome email is sent to the Lead.

2. Not contemplating User Experience across Multiple Devices that refrains you from reaching all of your target audience

You might observe that not all Facebook features are available across all devices. For example,  a handy feature like appointment booking is only available on mobile devices but not on desktops. You might want to avoid this mistake and consider the compatibility of your Facebook Lead Generation Ads across multiple devices; as its compatibility might tamper with the effectiveness of your lead generation Ads’ performance. We say so because users won’t be able to engage properly or won’t even see your Facebook Lead Ad because it’s not on the device they’re using.

Before you design your Facebook lead generation ad, think about your target audience behavior and where do they spend most of their time.
If your audience primarily consists of millennials, your lead generation ads should be compatible with mobile devices as they spend nearly 4 hours a day on their mobile phones.

3. The Lack of Patience- as it affects your Facebook Lead Ad campaign’s results

Lack of patience- one of the Facebook Lead Generation mistakes you have to avoid

Another mistake is expecting results overnight, especially if your Ad spend budget is low. Many marketers start marketing their ads only to close them within a few hours of average output. Spending $10 on a Facebook Lead Generation Ad campaign is not enough to get the necessary results. Before initiating your Facebook Lead Generation Ad campaign, you should strategize how much you should be spending on the campaign. If your product is priced at $100 and your manufacturing/acquisition cost is $70, you can spend the $30 left to spend on your Facebook Lead Generation Advertising campaign. Although, you might want to spend as least as possible but if you are in the initial stages, it is even more necessary to spend big.

After having insights of around 1000 leads from Facebook, you have just enough data to analyze and conclude about your customer spending. To know more abut optimizing Lead Generation campaign, have a look here- The Ultimate Guide for Quality Lead Generation.

4. Having a broad Target Audience – another mistake as it just increases you Cost per Conversion

Broad target Audience- Facebook Lead Generation mistakes to avoid in 2020, Leadzpipe

The most common mistake Marketers make with Facebook Lead Generation Ads is keeping a broad target audience. Even if your belief says every person is a potential buyer, it is a huge mistake if you spend your budget on the wrong people, thereby giving you a high CPL (Cost per Lead). Usually, 500k- 1.2 million is an appropriate audience size for an E-commerce Businesses. But still if the size of your Facebook Lead Generation is too vast or too tiny, consider adding some interests & behaviors that are specific to your audience, for instance- Fashion, Food, Travel or even being specific about the location. 

5. Failing to study and analyze all the Insights, thereby not making your Ad impact worthy

Not analyzing all Insights- Facebook Lead Generation mistake to avoid in 2020, Leadzpipe

Measuring your Lead Generation performance on Facebook Lead Ads can be quite difficult as it is not equipped with all the Analytics and Tools required to study the data of the collected Leads. The tools help in analyzing and optimizing your Facebook Lead Ad campaign saving you huge amounts of time and human labor. To solve this common Facebook Lead Generation “mistake”, you’ll need to link your Facebook Lead Ads with Softwares like Leadzpipe or Hubpost that provide with analysis making it easier for you to generate better Leads.
Leadzpipe provides additional data and insights about: 

  • Age, Gender, Device specific data
  • Campaign wise lead status
  • Real time notification on new lead on your Email
  • Filters out the Leads Generated by its source
  • Understand which source has given more qualified leads
  • Instant Welcome Email triggers

And many other Lead Generation analysis such as CTR, CPM, Budget Spend; all on a single dashboard.

6. Using Facebook Lead Ads to Directly Sell rather than building a rapport to sell

Selling rather than building a rapport- Facebook Lead Generation mistake to avoid in 2020, Leadzpipe

Marketers often mistaken the audience of Google Ads and Facebook Ads for their purchase intents. For instance, if you promote Diwali gifts using Google Ads, people searching for that term might have a strong purchasing intent and might you may get huge responses. Whereas, the same Lead Generation strategy may not work for Facebook. This is because people use social media to entertain themselves, to avoid responsibilities or to avoid making any decisions at all.

Facebook Lead Generation mistakes to avoid in 2020, Leadzpipe

Hence, better than extensively promoting your products on Facebook for sale, use the platform initially to create awareness for your brand and to maintain relationships with consumers. Your aim should be to connect with your consumers and pull them to your website, and tell them about your brand and its products. Once you have achieved this, you can begin aiming for sale on Facebook. You should then go ahead with your product promotion and Lead Generation on Facebook after your prospects know who you are and what you offer.

So, when you create a Lead Generation Ad on Facebook in 2020, refer this small checklist to make sure that your Ad is targeted and optimized to suit your audience. And before you even realize it, Facebook Lead Ads will be less time consuming, giving you a better ROI as you will have worked out the factors that work best for your audience.

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