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How to get quality leads from Facebook Ads without increasing Ad spends

No matter how many leads enter your pipeline, at the end of the day, it is how many of them converted into your paid customers. Converting a higher percentage of leads or generating quality leads that convert into customers is exactly what we are talking about when we say “Improving Lead quality on Facebook”.

Getting quality leads on Facebook also increases the effectiveness of your Facebook campaign by giving you leads that actually convert to sales.

To attract those Quality leads, here are some tips provided by our Leadzpipe Experts who are veterans in Facebook Advertising:

1. Ask qualifying questions on your Facebook Ad campaign for generating Quality leads

The goal of your Facebook campaign is to generate quality leads rather than the quantity of leads. Hence, we suggest you to not make your lead form easily fillable. If your target audience on Facebook is really interested in your offering, they will be ready to go the extra mile. That extra mile is answering qualifying questions on your Facebook lead form that will also provide you with relevant information on your leads and an amazing way to “sort men from the boys”, thereby providing you with quality leads.

Many marketers fear that asking questions will discourage Facebook users from signing up, which is true. But this is helpful as it discourages unnecessary Facebook users from filling up the form, getting you only the quality leads via this platform. And this is helpful as, in the same Ad budget for Facebook, you are getting quality leads that are willing to spend on your offering.

2. Use of  Facebook context cards for quality leads

Using Context Cards for Quality Lead Generation on Facebook, Leadzpipe

Context card is a feature of Facebook Ads that gives users a chance to reconfirm if they actually want to fill up the lead form. Your target here is to generate quality leads, you can give some additional information about your Business or the product or your offering. This additional information provided on the Facebook context card will help the users decide if they want to go ahead with filling the form or not. If they end up filling the form, these are the quality leads you are looking for. 

The Context card on Facebook is used for quality leads as it is primarily a way of double checking. It provides more information to the user and re-asks them to hit the subscribe/sign up button. It adds an additional page to describe more about the service, before they actually submit the form.

For instance, to get quality leads only, it is necessary to contact leads within minutes of them submitting their form (which is possible through Leadzpipe’s integration), you can write on the context card, bold & clear, “Kindly leave a valid contact number and our team will get in touch with you shortly”. By adding this line, the Facebook users that do not have a strong purchase intent will be reluctant to leave their contact details, thus giving you quality leads only.

3. Make use of one CTA only on your Facebook Ad campaign

We’re sure you must have come across a situation wherein you’re overwhelmed with so many options that you end up choosing nothing and walk away with nothing but frustration, like choosing a film to watch on Netflix.

The same applies to your target audience or an average Facebook user. On your Ads’ landing page, do not provide the Facebook user with multiple choices and sign-ups. It just adds to the confusion, sending those quality leads away. Multiple CTAs will eventually land them up in confusion and even your quality leads might just walk away without filling up your lead form or acting on your CTA, pushing all your ad spends and efforts down the drain. 

To avoid this, have your landing page with one CTA. It will give them a clear idea of what they’re signing up for.

Using one CTA for Quality Lead Generation on Facebook, Leadzpipe

In the Ad above, you can see clearly what it is asking the Facebook Users to do. “Apply now” in bold above and the CTA “Become a Driver” again reminds them what they’re signing up for.

4. Quick follow up via Leadzpipe

Given the number of Ads the Facebook users are exposed to, getting a lead works on a “First come, First serve” basis. That is, the marketer who contacts the lead first, has 30-40% higher chances of converting more leads than the others.

It is often said that a marketer should contact its lead within 5 minutes of them filling the lead form. A study found that chances of landing a sale are 100x more if you follow up with your lead within 5 minutes compared with 30 minutes.
To avoid missing on great opportunities on Facebook, make sure you and your sales team get in touch with those Facebook leads and the information you asked for, instantly. This is again possible through Leadzpipe. You get instant email notifications as and when a Facebook user fills up the lead form, everything seamless.
This helps in getting the most of your Ad spends as you get in touch with them instantly and have higher chances of conversion, ultimately having quality leads. 

5. Use High Intent and not high volume lead forms on Facebook

Facebook wants to make its platform as amazing as it is possible for users and marketers alike. Hence, it keeps optimizing it for a better experience. It gives you the option to choose if you want to launch your ad campaign for quality leads or quantity.
As your goal here is generating quality leads, the Facebook users that engaged with your Ad and filled up the lead form will get a review step to confirm that the information provided is accurate and are ready to be contacted.
The purpose of this High intent Lead Ads is to help your business generate more high-purchase intent leads or quality leads that are willing to engage with your business and have a relationship with you.
To achieve this, select the “higher intent” option under the content tab of your lead form as shown below:

Using High Intent Lead Forms for Quality Lead Generation on Facebook, Leadzpipe

6. Use narrow targeting on Facebook

Despite Facebook’s power of reaching a global audience, 62% of Small Business Owners complain that Facebook Ads don’t work well for them. But the fault may be in the business’ audience targeting on Facebook.

Some marketers believe that the wider audience they target, the higher will be the leads generated. But well, it is not so. When you widen your audience, your Facebook ads may be irrelevant to 80% of the users. By targeting a wider audience, you are just burning your cash as, though it might give you higher impressions, it may not get your quantity or quality leads.

Narrowing Audience for Quality Lead Generation on Facebook, Leadzpipe

It is advised that you study your audience well and narrow your audience, i.e. target only specific age groups, demographics, interest and behaviors; gaining ultimate quality leads via Facebook.

7. Avoid misleading Facebook users by using deceptive marketing

Has it ever happened to you when you sign up for something but the outcome turns out to be something else, and it just infuriates you.

Similarly, we’re sure you don’t want to be one of those marketers infuriating Facebook users by offering something else or nothing at all, as you pretty well know how it feels. If you offer them something exciting, something free, and do not stand up to your commitments or; apply a list of terms & conditions which is lethargic for the users; your Facebook marketing ad might just lead to a negative publicity rather than getting you quality leads.

Users don’t like giving a second chance and as a Facebook marketer, it takes huge money & hard work to rectify a damaged image. Hence, we advise you to not misrepresent your Facebook ads and stand true to them. Advertise to the Facebook users what you actually offer and it will get you the ultimate quality leads.

We hope you enjoyed reading the article as much as we enjoyed writing it. Please mention in the comments below how this article has helped you, we’d love to hear it!

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