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Is your Lead Generation Data spread across multiple Tools?

As and when your business grows, you start looking for Digital Tools to automate certain aspects of your data collection and data management methods.

eliminate multiple tools, sync to the All-in-One tool-Leadzpipe

Here are a couple of Tools that Digital Marketers have for performing specific functions on their hard earned data:

1. CSV Files for New Business Leads

As a Digital Marketer, when running digital campaigns on Facebook or Google, all your data gets stored in CSV files. You, as a marketer  have to see if any new leads are generated & then have to download the file consistently.
For better For better Lead generation and management purpose, you are bound to download those files time and again to check if any new leads are generated. It fails to notify immediately when the lead is generated enlarging the gap when the form was filled by the potential lead and the time when you, as a digital marketer finally contact them.
Too many LMS Tools? Switch to All-in-One Tool-Leadzpipe
“The odds of the lead entering the sales process, or becoming qualified, are 21 times greater when contacted within five minutes versus 30 minutes after the lead was submitted” (source). Thus maintaining only CSV files for your leads does not fulfill your purpose of having a good CRM.

(You don’t deserve this stress but a better Digital Tool, don’t you?)
So here comes a Tool-

2. Mailchimp for personalised Emails

When Digital marketers collect data in your CSV files, they then download Mailchimp to create and send attractive, personalized emails to those prospects. As all the lead responses now get stored in Mailchimp, it becomes another tool having your Lead data.

Instead of Mailchimp, go for the all-in-one Lead Management Tool Leadzpipe

This digital Tool also helps in maintaining a good CRM by keeping a track on subscribers, generating custom reports, analyzing click-through and success rates, tracking emails, and ensuring complete transparency of campaigns. 

Eliminate multiple digital Tools - sync to the All-in-One tool-Leadzpipe

This digital Tool also allows selection from a range of predesigned templates and also gives you the freedom to design your own custom templates. But it becomes difficult to manage your CSV files and mailchimp both, thereby consuming immense time and energy.

It gets a little boring, doesn’t it? But, you go for another tool-

3. Zapier for App Sync

Eliminate multiple digital Tools or zapier, sync to the All-in-One tool-Leadzpipe

And when your business expands even further, you get another digital tool- Zapier for automating certain Business tasks. It helps you and other Digital Marketers in automatically moving information between user web apps, such as emails, Dropbox that also syncs with your CRM giving you better Lead Management. Ultimately helping you focus on other important work at hand. For example, integrating Facebook Lead Ads with Zapier automates downloading and managing your digital leads. It’s a digital automation tool that also automates the linking of your Mailchimp with your Facebook Ads. Apart from CSV files and Mailchimp, Zapier becomes an additional Lead Management and CRM Tool that you are required to have to ease your daily tasks.

(Need a coffee!!!)

4. Zoho CRM for Lead Management

After Zapier, comes another digital tool- Zoho CRM. It helps a Digital Marketer in managing leads by capturing them, automating lead scoring, identifying leads that will convert, and following up with detailed contact information.

Zoho CRM
This digital Tool also tracks what stage your deals are currently in. Zoho CRM also manages the performance of every sales activity, and break quotas down into achievable targets with reports, analytics, and forecasts.

Eliminate multiple digital Tools - sync to the All-in-One tool-Leadzpipe

All this adds up to the 4th Digital Tool that you are required to have for your Lead management data or for better Lead Generation.
(Too much work! Isn’t it?)

During the initial phases of your business, keeping just CSV files and tracking your customers via email, address books and spreadsheets was helpful and saved time. But as your company grew, managing address books & spreadsheets started eating up your time. You needed to bring in certain changes in your Lead Management required for the newer, bigger organisation. But you went for Mailchimp that stored another bunch of your Leads data; and then, to link the two, you further required Zapier, and when the lead data became huge enough where analyzing manually became difficult, Zoho CRM helped you out.

Too many LMS tools? Switch to Leadzpipe!

These Digital Tools that were supposed to make your life easier, now started complicating it. You were required to train your employees for using all these multiple digital Tools and then take further steps, that starting eating up a lot of your time and energy.

But thanks to Automation, all these Lead Management tasks got grouped in one digital tool- Leadzpipe. It is a Lead Management Tool that eliminates all the other Management tools and fulfills your needs on a single platform.

That All-in-one Lead Management Tool eliminating CSV Files, Mailchimp, Zapier, etc.

All your Digital leads generated via Facebook Ads, Google Ads or any other Digital Platform are synced automatically in Leadzpipe. It eliminates the need for constant CSV file downloads as it automates the lead updation process. 

Leadzpipe-The All-in-One Lead Management tool

Further, it also notifies you in real time when a new digital lead is generated and sends a Welcome Email constantly. This constant email helps you increase your Lead Conversion ratio as your digital lead contact time is narrowed immensely. It also updates the source through which the digital lead was updated along with campaign name, helping you analyse which are best performing digital Ads and optimize accordingly. Gaining knowledge of where the lead came from also helps you prepare your first impression with the lead.

Leadzpipe also helps you in syncing your CRM with your Facebook and Google Ads. It exports all your lead data in your CRM in real time. Apart from all the above mentioned digital Tools, Leadzpipe also offers other features such as helping you analyse your Digital Ads performance, keep  a track on your digital Ads campaign spending, your CPL, CPC etc. the digital tool also highlights which keywords are performing better than the rest, for you to optimize your Digital Ads accordingly. It provides features that help you understand your Digital Campaigns better apart from mere Lead Management.

To know more about Leadzpipe, click here.

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