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What makes Outsourcing Lead Generation a Brilliant idea?

Lead Generation is an ability not everyone Masters. Given the cut-throat competition existing today, lead generation is a task that requires certain expertise and technicalities; and not all firms are equipped with it. It is indeed a challenging and time-consuming task. 61% of marketers say generating high-quality leads is one of their biggest challenges and 68% of businesses report struggling with Lead Generation, according to CSO Insights.

Outsourcing Lead Generation

So, let us discuss what makes Outsourcing Lead Generation a good idea and why you should go for it.

1. Access to Quality Leads due to intensive network

Outsourcing Lead Generation

In-house lead generation departments due to their limited reach, have access to limited resources. It consumes a lot of time to build up a contact list and develop the analytical skills to separate the good leads from the bad. Increasing quality leads is the top priority for 68% of professionals, followed by increasing lead volume, at 55% (B2B Technology Marketing Community). 

As Lead Generation is a task the Outsourcing Firm expertise at, they have a network and access to the right contacts and data and hence can generate good leads; that can be converted to sales. The Outsourced Lead Generation Company provides you with the right people you should speak to.

Outsourcing Lead Generation

2. Outsourcing Lead generation lets you focus on your core Tasks

The USP of your company is the product/service that generates maximum revenue for Business. It is the asset you possess that cannot be bought elsewhere. Hence, if you wish to maximize the revenues for your business, you should focus on your asset and core competency. According to Hubspot, 63% of companies report that their top marketing challenge is generating traffic and leads. To get optimum results of your efforts on lead generation, you should take the time out to understand your audience and teach them about you. Well, a little help from a third-party will take the burden off from you. Then why take the trouble of doing it? Outsource it!

Outsourcing Lead Generation

3. Outsourcing provides you with Quality Leads, thus being Cost-Effective

Businesses have multiple costs running which cannot be avoided, but it can definitely be optimized. Hiring professionals, training them, having a full-time team; all of which cost time, money and take your resources away from your core business aspect. You need a team of at least two to three professionals who can handle content, SEO, Email Marketing. Outsourcing Lead Generation is likely to garner you with more leads because of the Agency’s advanced skills and familiarity with the process. An Outsourced Lead Generation Agency, on the other hand, concentrates only on driving growth for Businesses. Buying access to the contacts and data owned from a Lead Generation Agency proves to be a quick way of getting the Hot Leads for your business and your workforce can focus on just converting them.

4. Outsourced Agencies are familiar with the Technical Know-How of Lead Generation Softwares

Outsourced Agency are familiar with technical know how of Lead Generation

It is not easy to generate enough leads to keep your business running and profitable. To set up an email list, create a sales funnel, launch offers, and create Lead Capturing Assets; are some of the few tactics your business can use to find prospects. But all this requires significant expertise and investment of time, manpower and space. But an outsourced Lead Generation Agency has its own dedicated staff with optimized systems fine-tuned to develop hot leads.

A business cannot devote 40 hours a week for lead generation & expect immediate success. It requires a cross-section of skills, practise, understanding, and flair across components to create an effective process that finally gets your business high-quality revenue-generating leads; which the outsourced Lead Generation Agency is expert at.

5. Better Results as leads are better nurtured

79% of marketing leads never convert into sales (source). This is because of the lack of nurture. When Businesses focus on Lead Generation, they are not left with enough time & energy to dedicate further to nurture them. As the sales workforce is dedicated to Lead Generation, over 30% of leads are left uncontacted. This ultimately leads to huge losses in terms of revenues invested and revenues lost.
Outsourcing to Lead Generation Agency provides better results as, firstly, your workforce is dedicated to investing their energy in your USP asset and the Lead Generation Agency having expertise in its domain, provides you with the best leads for your firm.

6. Outsourcing Firms do a lot more than just making calls

Outsourcing Lead Generation  to Digital Agencies

Many organizations think that Outsourcing Lead Generation is costly as all they do is just make calls which they themselves can do. But that is not that case, they do a lot more than that and hence are known to provide good results, good leads.
Lead Generation Agencies though are experts in one aspect, have personnel specializing in various departments:

Content Creation & Marketing
Email marketing
Digital & Social Media Marketing

All this, apart from generating leads also highlights your business by creating awareness among the public.

7. Outsourcing leads to higher Profits of your Business

The Outsourced Lead Generation Agencies are core sales companies and a majority of them use a commission-based fee structure. This means that they are geared towards delivering results you demand from its lead generation strategy.

Services like PPC or Social Media Marketing for which you pay to boost your sales, present you with results in detailed reports set against metrics. All this helps you see where exactly the campaigns run by your outsourced Lead Generation Agency have succeeded or failed.

This results in you effectively reviewing your B2B campaigns and making sure that there are constant improvements in the number and quality of leads. And if you’ve outsourced to a Lead Generation Agency that works on a commission basis, it has a vested interest in your firm having the best leads that can ultimately generate profits for the firm itself.

Hence, why do all the hard work? Sync to Leadzpipe and Outsource your Lead Generation now!

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