What is a Lead Management Tool and why you need it the most right now?

What is a Lead Management Tool and why you need it the most in 2020?

With competition growing faster than ever, the struggle to get leads is even more real. Firms now diversify their promotion strategies and are investing heavily in Digital platforms such as Google and Facebook Ads. In 2019, $333.25 bn were spent on Digital Marketing which accounted for 50.1% of the amount spent globally on advertising; and is estimated to grow to 60.5% by 2023 (source). With such huge investments, leads generated are huge too and tracking these leads manually becomes a time consuming and tiresome task. This is when Lead Management Tools come into play. The automation that they bring while advertising digitally on Facebook Ads Platform or any other Ads platform has helped organisations save billions of dollars!

Leadzpipe- The lead generation tool you need!

What is a Lead Management Tool and why do you need its Automation?
Traditionally, Lead Management was when you would store all your leads in one place and keep a track on their activities. But with the growing competition and the advent of digital platforms, Lead Management methods have changed too. Businesses generate leads via multiple sources and channels such as offline, website, ads, calls, emails, events, etc. and it becomes a laborious task of Lead Management to manually track these leads that are generated from different mediums.

When lead generation spans across different methods, it is critical to have an effective Lead Management Tool. A spreadsheet or simple contact database will definitely not suffice. Many businesses that do not have a Lead Management Tool have had a hard time converting leads to customers because they could not discern the hot leads from the cold ones.

Implementing Lead Management Tool gives you a centralized process to manage lead information, score leads, maintain communication and even nurture them continually. Lead Management Tool helps you study if you’ve targeted the right audience by auto analyzing the ads the leads have come from. It helps you know which are the best performing ads versus the least performing ones. All the leads generated irrespective of the source- Facebook Ads or Google ads, are segregated in the Lead Management Tool according to their age, gender, location; easing the task for you. 

Leadzpipe- The all-in-one lead generation tool you need!

Promoting on Facebook Ads Platform or Google Ads Platform may seem an easy task, but is it? How can you be sure if you’re targeting the right audience? And at the right time? Even if you are, how can you keep a track on the audiences’ response and engagements? This is when the Lead Management Tool will help you keep everything in a loop, i.e helping you when your Facebook Ads, Google Ads or any other digital platform gives the quantity of leads that your sales team can no longer handle. Without the Lead Management Tool, your team will fail to give them the attention they need, and things begin to fall through the cracks.

Let us understand why Lead Management Tool is important and how is it your Best Friend.

1. Automates Lead tracking from various Digital Advertising channels

Leadzpipe- The all-in-one lead generation tool you need!

To attract a wide range of audience, various Firms now-a-days have several Google and Facebook Ads & campaigns running at the same time. This is when the Lead Management Tools are most helpful- they ensure every lead is fed into the system with automation, whether from web forms, emails, or chat. Once the Google or Facebook Ads have been made live, Lead Management Tools like Zoho, Hubspot, start maintaining records of all your leads. The automation in Lead Management Tool captures, stores, maintains as well as updates all the data. It also captures the lead source, helping you analyse which Google or Facebook Ads or campaigns are working and which ones are not, relieving you from the manual task and thanking automation.

Leadzpipe- The all-in-one lead generation tool you need!

2.  Auto-Sync Facebook and Google Leads to your Lead Management Tool

When you advertise on Facebook Ads Platform, you are required to download the CSV files time & again to keep yourself updated on the new leads. This is indeed a tiresome task. But the Lead Management Tool also automates these tasks for you. The leads generated through Facebook Ads or Google Ads are updated automatically in real time and also reflect which campaign or source they have come from. Lead Management Tool such as Leadzpipe notify you when a lead is generated.

Leadzpipe- The all-in-one lead generation tool you need!

3. Some surprising automation that Lead Management Tool does

Lead Management Tool automates for you a lot of otherwise tedious tasks- Automating your CSV file downloads, suggesting keywords, syncing your landing pages, tracking your expenses, to name a few. All this, in Real Time! Further, the tool also shows you which leads generated from Google or Facebook Ads need nurturing.  The Tool’s activity timeline also helps you see and access from which marketing campaign, the lead came from, read the relevant insights, and act on the same. The Lead Management Tool provides you with everything you need to know to convert more leads, faster.

Leadzpipe- The all-in-one lead generation tool you need!

4. Track Google or Facebook Ads Ad Spends without any hassle 

This is a function for which many Lead Management Tools require you to download  a separate Track Spending Tool. Leadzpipe is one Tool that allows you this task on its own platform along with other automated tasks. It helps you know and analyze which of your Google Ads or Facebook Ads are performing best and you can thus adjust your spending accordingly. This Lead Management Tool helps you study which Google or Facebook Ads is getting you majority leads and accordingly you can divert your spending. It helps you study what should your ideal target audience be and where you should focus your spending. This helps lessen your burden and increase productivity. 

Leadzpipe- The all-in-one lead generation tool you need!

5. Lead Management Tool helps increase your conversion rate  by 78%

Many leads forget about what or where they’ve inquired within 20 minutes of their inquiry. Currently, 55% of the companies take more than 5 days to reply losing out on huge revenues. Best Lead management Tool is the one that provides you with leads in real time and hence increase your Google or Facebook Ads conversion rate. When the leads are contacted within a minute of submitting their demo, the conversion rate shoots up to 391% (Source). But not many Lead Management Tools provide you with this facility & hence, Marketers have to sync Mailchimp along with their existing Lead Management Tool to view responses in real time. But with Leadzpipe in place, you need not engage with multiple tools, all your tasks can be automated on a single Lead Management Tool.

Leadzpipe- The all-in-one lead generation tool you need!

Here is the list of the Best Lead Management Tools that will soon be an organization’s Best Friends:
1. Hubspot – Complete Marketing Automation Tool

Hubspot and Leadzpipe- lead management and generation tools

Hubspot is powered with Complete Sales Activities, it shows detailed company and contact records, & communication history in one place so that you can manage leads without the hassle.

2. Zapier- Connects one app to another app

Zapier and Leadzpipe- Lead sync tools

Zapier connects more web apps than anyone, and they add new options every week. It integrates with apps such as Facebook Lead Ads, Slack, Quickbooks, Google Sheets, Google Docs & many more!

3. Leadzpipe – Connects to CRM apps, tracks ad spends, automates lead generation

Leadzpipe- The all-in-one lead generation tool you need!

Leadzpipe automates Facebook Lead Ad Sync, Monitors the organization’s  Goals, Sets up Ad Triggers, Optimizes Ad Campaigns and Convert Leads into Sales, all from one Dashboard! Its an All-in-One tool for Facebook Lead Ads Sync, CRM Integration, AI Driven Ad Optimization as well as helps with Automated Reports.

4. Zoho – All in one CRM suite for Small businesses

Leadpipe- LMS, Zoho- CRM

Zoho CRM automates lead generation from multiple sources like websites, chats, social media, and trade shows. With AI-powered lead scoring, it helps distribute leads to the right sales representative and ensures you don’t miss out on converting quality leads to sales.

So, the above ones are one of the best Lead Management Tools to get you and team busy with not managing leads but converting them!

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