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Make the most out of your Leads, Use our Free Lead Management System

Driftrock is ISO27001 Certified with security features and functionality to help stay Data Protection and GDPR compliant. 

Web based Lead Management Tool

You do not want to disclose all your leads to users, no worries. Provide access of only those leads to users which you want them to see

Access Based Lead Visibility

Filter your leads based on Traffic Source, Campaigns, Name, Email Id, etc. Manage all Leads from a centralized place

Comprehensive Lead Dashboard

No Credit Card Required

1. Leads Attribution by the exact Source, Campaign and UTM's (keywords)

In leadzpipe you can see leads by the keyword they came from, the facebook/insta campaign and ad they saw before enquiring so that you have the clear context for your conversation before you make the first call!

2. Get Detailed view of your Lead, its History, Reminders & Follow up's! 

Once you know the right details about your lead, its easier to steer the conversation and go for more conversions! 

You can also set reminders for further follow up's, add notes or edit lead data based on your conversation! 

Its way faster and accurate than handling leads in a CRM!

3. Search leads however you like, by source,  keywords, campaign, name, number or email id! 

Get a Lead Management system that allows you to search leads not just by their name and number but the keyword, ad source or the campaign they came from! 

This is real marketing power merged with sales abilities to convert the most relevant leads! 

4. Filter leads by status and ad source, keyword or campaign they came from!

Get a lead management system that allows you to filter your leads by source and status at the same time! 

Ex - Know how many leads you got from Google, Campaign Name and that have turned HOT or JUNK! 

Take real time decisions with accurate information and save your ad money now! 

4. Access Based Lead Visibility for Secured Lead Management

Give specific access to specific members for perfectly secured lead management! 

For the Marketing team, give them access to just sync campaigns and see what's happening at a campaign level! 

For the Sales people, you can give access to them to just view leads or even leads by specific tags! 

Its actually that simple! Trust us, its these CRM's that make it look difficult! We let you add as many users as you need! 

5. Forced by managing leads on excel, No worries. Sync leads, status & anything else you need! 

Import your leads and dont worry about the duplicates for the first time! We wont block them by not letting you add those duplicate leads. 

Instead, we will add the new lead details,  or sync lead sources or campaign data into your existing leads so you can analyse how your spends performed vs the quality of the leads you managed on a some excel or google sheet outside leadzpipe! We understand it's not easy to switch from those amazing excel's after all! 

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